Indian Administrative Fellowship
KA/21 cadre
“In a first of its kind move, the Government of Karnataka will welcome 11 eminent professionals from the private sector to work alongside high-ranking bureaucrats over an 18 month period, enabled through the Indian Administrative Fellowship, a pioneering program launched in partnership with The/Nudge Foundation to draw senior professional talent towards solving Karnataka's biggest development challenges.

I convey my best wishes to the Indian Administrative Fellowship.”
Shri B.S Yediyurappa
Honorable Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka
Indian Administrative Fellowship
KA/21 cadre

a program for professionals in leadership positions to stimulate systems change by driving large scale government projects through power of the state administrative ecosystem.

about Indian Administrative Fellowship (IAF)

Indian Administrative Fellowship (IAF) is an 18-month program for high achievers from diverse sectors to impact millions of lives by extending the reach and efficiency of large scale government programs under the guidance of visionary civil servants.

the program targets to provide a platform for professionals to partner with the administration for extensively strategizing and implementing current and envisaged programs for attaining sustained progress across state-level indicators.

The inaugural cohort will work with principal secretaries in the Government of Karnataka to solve problems of strategic importance.

what we offer

platform to touch millions

bringing talented professionals and visionary civil servants to collaborate on high-impact government projects

extensive development

access to training and mentorship by India’s most inspiring industry leaders & administrators

transition to dev sector

opportunity to move to the development sector by gaining context and experience

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journey of the fellow

at The/Nudge
development workshops at ATI, Mysore
department induction
(conception & goal setting)
steering committee review & sign off
project execution
quarterly reviews
impact showcase
phase I
phase II
phase III

phase I: immersion

fellow’s onboarding | context setting on administrative conduct, program design & execution framework | department specific orientation | project planning

phase II:  implementation

project execution with quarterly reviews w/steering committee | on-ground visits for a multifaceted understanding of the problem & implementable solutions | phase based development workshops & mentor sessions

phase III: transition

consolidating project outcomes & learnings | strongly Integrating the program into the department | impact showcase across channels | transition

the fellows’ office

fellow linked analyst and a shared talent pool with diverse skill sets

civil servant

department head ensuring program formulation and execution rigor and oversight

steering committee

administrative oversight, stakeholder access and alignment, and conflict resolution; headed by high power steering committee


helping build a better tomorrow

focus areas

panchayat raj


rural development


planning, program & statistics


administrative reforms




skill development




state planning commission




women & child


administrative reforms

assessing the current administrative practices & policies), study domestic & international best practices and work towards designing & improving for resource efficiency metrics.


assessment & implementation of precision farming in agriculture using AI & geospatial technology.

chief secretary's office

administrative landscape assessment and governance redesign from a macro lens.


redesigning and implementing frameworks to make secondary & higher secondary education more aligned to the needs of the economy.


reviewing the current IT infrastructure and redesigning for optimization; considering the future landscape for robust cybersecurity and big-data integration.


assessment, redesign and implementation of robust post-harvest management including value chain development for horticulture commodities.

planning, program & statistics

setting up a strong support ecosystem across all departments paving the way for outperforming on Karnataka’s SDG 2030 goals.

panchayati raj

optimising organisational development of local rural bodies - process, service delivery and public grievances.

rural development

targeted implementation to enable access and metering of water connection with a sustained focus towards water conservation.

skill development

assessing & revitalising livelihood mission (NRLM) in the state.

social welfare

gap identification in nutrition centric data accessibility and enabling real time data capture with deep tech integration.

state planning commission

planning & implementation of policies &programmes with a keen focus towards critical SDG goals alignment.

rural development and panchayati raj

skill development and entrepreneurship

health and
family welfare


primary and secondary education

women and
child welfare

agriculture for poverty and livelihood

social welfare

micro, small and medium enterprises

regional development boards

How many lives can we live in our single life? This was the question which made me take the role after exiting redBus. I wanted to experience the life of working for our country by being a part of the Government. I am glad I made that decision. Not only could I affect a permanent change that I could call mine, but also I could gain valuable insights and relations that are so helpful in my professional career later.

Phanindra Sama

Cofounder, Redbus
Former CIO, Government of Telangana

We cannot deal with our diverse and complex problems without focusing on fixing the basics and investing in public infrastructure. In the digital age, infrastructure no longer means just roads, bridges and highways but also digital platforms that create the conditions for innovation at scale.

Nandan Nilekani

Cofounder and Chairman, Infosys
Founding Chairman UIDAI (Aadhaar)

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