Shri T M Vijay Bhaskar

chairman (ex chief secretary, GOK)
Karnataka administrative reforms committee - II

Shri T M Vijay Bhaskar, post his inspirational term as chief secretary for the Government of Karnataka, is now leading the Karnataka administrative reforms committee II (KARC-II), where he plans to evaluate the current administrative landscape and suggest resource and process efficiency measures to enhance citizen service delivery. he is a master's in economics from the BITS, Pilani, and has an MBA in public administration from the University of Birmingham, UK. 

a civil servant from the 1983 batch, In the last 34 years, has worked across multiple domains spanning education reforms, rural development and leading administrative affairs. he brings rich experience in sanitation & water sustainability education & infrastructure development, and agriculture reforms. 

his interests have always aligned towards human development and improving the quality of life for citizens at large.

about the project


identifying gaps and inefficiencies in the current administrative ecosystem, study domestic and international best practices, and suggest frameworks for improving resource efficiency and citizen service delivery.

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