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1. who is eligible to apply?
high performers with 10+ years of achievement and capabilities in problem-solving, influencing, and leading large initiatives with successful outcomes. a relentless drive to provide sustainable and scalable solutions for India's wicked problems through innovation, persistence and alliance.
as the projects would be based in Karnataka, fluency in spoken & written Kannada will be a distinct advantage.
2. for whom is the fellowship not a good fit?
the fellowship is an 18-month rigorous program on framing and executing state-wide government programs of strategic relevance under the guidance of visionary civil servant leading the department. a fellow will be stationed at the secretariat, but one would be expected to travel frequently and on short notice during the fellowship.

the target fellow profile is that of a CXO/VP/GM in a large scale organisation, with rich experience of leading transformational programs.
the program is not a good fit for a person who:
- non-resident Indians, although OCI cardholders who are regular taxpayers can consider applying
- has less than 8 years of experience in leading transformational initiatives
- is not comfortable with working 6 days work weeks, travelling or working in the field, committing full-time to the assignment
- lacks the leadership experience required for such large scale initiatives

upper age limit is not an active qualifier for a potential fellow until one has the intent, commitment and skill to contribute.

for the one who don't match the fellow profile, can explore other exciting opportunities in the program team here.
3. what is the selection process & criteria for the program?
the selection process would span across multiple interactions with the/nudge team and partners including serving or retired senior IAS officers, and the final round will be with the principal secretaries with whom the fellows would be working. 
the process eyes to spot high achievers who have the skill set and experience to lead large scale programs with a relentless grit, perseverance and humility to work in harmony with the state administration. 
4. what is on offer for the fellows?
the fellows shall have access to:

i) leadership development bootcamps - the fellows shall be undergoing an extensive curriculum curated to build capacity for efficient comprehension, formulation and execution of programs/projects.

ii) expert advice and mentoring - the fellows will be mentored and supported by a pool of subject matter experts, industry leaders and mentors.

iii) stipend - each fellow will receive a nominal stipend of up to rs. 20 lacs p.a. for the duration of the fellowship.

iv) impact showcase and accreditation - there would be multiple instances during the course of the fellowship where the fellow's contribution would be highlighted across media & case studies. there would also be a ceremony featuring senior administrators, notable leaders from the development sector and other corporates with a formal accreditation by the government.
5. what happens during the 18 months?
the fellows will work closely with the civil servant and the department on conceptualising and executing the projects. the/nudge will constantly support the learning and development needs of fellows through mentors, training and networking opportunities whilst a shared talent pool will be available to the fellows ensuring a smooth and efficient execution across all projects.
6. what happens post the fellowship?
the fellows will receive soft support to transition into suitable roles within the development sector.
7. what would be the fellow’s position in the government?
all fellows would be officers on special duty with the government but the formal engagement shall be as a consultant with the/nudge.
8. what is the support on offer from the associated civil servant/department head?
the civil servant and the fellow shall work as a team ensuring exceptional progress is made on the project over the course the program, while the civil servant will step up to solve for stakeholder access and alignment & administrative support for executing the project efficiently.
9. how does the program design solve for maximizing value out of fellow's engagement?
there are 3 critical aspects to the program design ensuring the fellow's time and efforts are spent mostly on strategic assignments thereby warranting a positive impact on project metrics:
i) motivated civil servants and structured projects
onboarded departments have heads in visionary civil servants with a strong belief in the program's theory of change and clearly defined projects to be executed.    

ii) high-power steering committee
comprising senior officials in the administrative cadre and chaired by the chief secretary, the committee to ensure significant progress is made across all projects through quarterly reviews and in parallel solving for stakeholder alignment and conflict resolution.

iii) backend support team
the fellows' office would have a linked analyst and a shared team of young experts with diverse skill sets assisting the fellows on their day-to-day assignments.
10. what happens if the civil servant/department head gets transferred or the project is halted/terminated?
the fellow is linked to the department, so even if the department head gets transferred, the fellow shall remain on the project assigned and will be working subsequently with the incumbent official. although all the projects selected are approved and funded ones, still in case a project gets terminated, the fellow post deliberation with the civil servant will start engagement on a different one for the remaining part of the program.
11. how much travel should one expect during the fellowship?
the fellows will be based out of Bangalore, at Vidhana Soudha as their primary office, but in order to understand deeper aspects of the project and to facilitate implementation, one would need to travel across districts where the project will be or is being implemented.
12. what happens if a fellow has to leave the project mid-term?
the fellows will be signing a contract to serve for a period of 18 months. however, if unavoidable circumstances require an early termination, they will be required to serve a notice period of 2 months, or reimburse for the stipend in lieu of the notice period.

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